Inspection Details

What do our customers say about our services?

"I contacted Hector for a home inspection earlier this month for a home that was built in 1995. Hector was able to schedule the inspection with my realtors just two days after I contacted him. Hector performed a very thorough inspection of the home, from the roof, all the way the way down to the sprinkler system. I received a very professional, detailed inspection report complete with pictures the very next day after the inspection was completed. I would recommend First In Home Inspections to any home buyer needing an honest and intelligent home inspector to take a look at a your possible new home."

Thermal Inspection

A thermal inspection is included with every single home inspection. During a thermal inspection, the inspector will scan the home with an infrared camera. Its a fast, accurate and reliable method for detecting water intrusion, pest infestations, and insulation issues without the need for tearing out materials.

Zip Level Inspections

A zip level evaluation is included in every single home inspection. A zip level is utilized to measure the foundation and note elevation differences around various points of the home. The inspector begins at a reference point and takes measurements and different locations around the homes perimeter.

First In Home Inspections performs their services based on the TREC Standards of Practice. More information on those standards can be found in the file listed below!

SOP (002).pdf

TREC Consumer Protection Notice